Saturday, July 19, 2008

sense of value - LDA

Sense of value

One of the biggest problems with people is that we are not able to value a thing on its own merit. We always compare, and we need comparison to establish value. Things only become valuable when it is scarce, when it’s no longer available. It happened to Vincent Van Goh. It happens in our emotional life, it happens to our environment.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

studio :LDA - starting of a good deed

The starting of a good deed is a bit like the chicken and egg relation.

Human bt nature often find excuses to do a good deed on this ground.

Therefore, a government or an institution, must take on the initiative to start and catalyse a good deed.

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studio LDA - Listen

Listen, even when the piece of advice given to you is wrong.
Ihe process of listening carefully is always right.
You would be amazed how much you can benefit even from a piece of wrong advice.

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

studio LDA - Are you the white flower ?

God is always fair.

Do you notice that most white flowers are scented while the colour ones are less so. So if you think some others are rich and you are not, then, think a little more. There must be something you have that the rich don’t.

Maybe you have just overlooked it.

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

studio lda - Would i be sold ? ( chinese )

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a little competition is always good

Woke at 6:30am, feeling bored, I switched a CD player on for a little soft music and rest on a chair by the living room's window. Soon after the music played, I heard birds chirping on the tree next to the window. The chirping was so beautiful my listening was switched to focus on the birds rather than the player. My wife said everytime she on the player, the birds would chirp along as if they are competing with the cd player. Yes, a little competition always makes life better.

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architecture aesthetics and architecture

The problem with a lot of architecture (presentation?) is that people focus mostly on aesthetics. And architecture aesthetics is a bit like fashion dressing- no matter how a person looked in his or her dress, the real content is not known until you come to term with the person. Better still, live with the person, and you will come to know the content in real.

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Sunday, February 03, 2008

studio LDA - Arts and life are not equal, Yes ? No?

Most artists claim life is itself art, but little or almost none agree the formula works the other way round.

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studio LDA - a marathon and 100m run

Nobody would do a marathon with the speed of 100m.

Maybe the developing countries should concern on the sustainability of development rather than worrying about the effect of having 6% to 7% growth instead of above 9 % as forecast.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

studio LDA - wisdom


Material wealth can be inherited almost without fail.
Knowledge can be transferred quite easily.
Wisdom, that is the thing you need to get for yourself.

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studio LDA - delayed corruption

it was originally good, but for some reasons let to rod..

studio LDA - broken unity

A piece of concrete slab..

broken and covered in over grown grass..

The easiest way to unite sand to one piece. ( of ....)

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

studio LDA - What is design? What is art ?

What is design? What is art?

The topic is intentionally paired so we can compare and contrast the two; design and art. By so doing, I hope to induce a better understanding of the two subjects.

I start with my limited understanding;

Design is cool, calculated, goal driven.
Art is emotional, expressive.
But they can work vice versa, or in any combination.

What do you think?