Thursday, October 05, 2006

studio LDA – Architecture means business

Yes, of course architecture is a business. But when there is no more architecture but business, would you still do it. What does it mean?

1. A friend said he is a high class draftsman. ( The client is the architect)
2. …………………………….. (You may fill in this blank. )

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studio LDA – Learning from my daughter

-Picture of my 3 years old daughter and our baby girl-

While my wife and I tried to teach the 3 yrs old daughter everything we know, we can, we often get some ridiculous non compliance. She tested our patience and our principles of parenting and education. That’s only one.
Look at the non compliances carefully; I realize it may be just a different way of looking at the world that we can learn from.

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studio LDA – The making of mass model

Malaysia’s buildings are often lacking intensity in detail. No money? No time? No concerns?
The end results? Looked pretty much like mass models.
Truly massive, I mean in real scale.

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studio LDA – The beginning of night mare

Do you notice?

It is not necessary right to do things right. And it is not necessary wrong to do things wrong. When these scenarios happen so frequent, and taken for granted by some “willful” and powerful people, the social order changes.
This marks only the beginning of a night mare….. It worries me.

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