Tuesday, January 22, 2008

studio LDA - wisdom


Material wealth can be inherited almost without fail.
Knowledge can be transferred quite easily.
Wisdom, that is the thing you need to get for yourself.

look from studio LDA

studio LDA - delayed corruption

it was originally good, but for some reasons let to rod..

studio LDA - broken unity

A piece of concrete slab..

broken and covered in over grown grass..

The easiest way to unite sand to one piece. ( of ....)

look fr studio LDA

Thursday, January 17, 2008

studio LDA - What is design? What is art ?

What is design? What is art?

The topic is intentionally paired so we can compare and contrast the two; design and art. By so doing, I hope to induce a better understanding of the two subjects.

I start with my limited understanding;

Design is cool, calculated, goal driven.
Art is emotional, expressive.
But they can work vice versa, or in any combination.

What do you think?