Thursday, September 20, 2007

Honesty is such a big problem

Honesty is such a big problem.

Look at the news papers and check the problems in Chinese made product in world market, and judge yourself. It is a shame that honesty is such a big problem in the land of Confucianism. I don’t mean to be sarcastic. And when I criticize, I too feel the pain for the land where my grandfather and my father came from.

China is going through the period similar to the post world war 2 “Japanese Clock Era” – a time when produce of Japan was known to be of inferior quality. When everything that doesn’t work in life was liken to this phrase “Japanese Clock”. However, it was a transitional period necessary to lead to what you see as Japan today. The only difference between the Chinese and the Japanese development is that the Chinese is doing it a lot faster; so fast it worries the super powers of her rising effects in the world economy, politics, trade balance, etc. China is changing fast for one simple reason; her technical capability is far more advanced than what she is generally now producing. As long as you pay, she can do anything, including sending you to the moon. Then during the Japanese Clock Era, Japan’s general development was moving simultaneously with the development of technology.

Corporations are training people on management skill, quality control, planning strategy…but all these work within the simplest principle known to be the core value of Chinese culture, honesty, now little emphasized in the country. People are just too feverishly chasing after material gain that they long lost, but opened now suddenly to them. This was not found in the Japanese development. The Japanese goods were inferior though, but the produce was honest. It was not meant to cheat.

This situation must be dealt with not through just management and quality control. The problem is rooted in the social attitude. Should the problem not be solved, the Chinese prosperity you see now is still going to live, but not for long.

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Monday, September 17, 2007

studio LDA - Child Talk 1

My daughter said "I love birds, but they are scared of me."

I find it interesting. What think you ?

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hierachical pretext - a true word can lie

Somebody described it as mismanagement - a mismanagement of fund. It can be described to be as petty as you can. i.e A piece of 30 cents karipap purchased at the price of 3 ringgit of course can be explained. Maybe it came from Hilton Hotel’s kitchen, maybe it is organic, maybe it is … The explanation would get to different levels (hierarchy) of details that justify the misdeed. Even a thief and a robber have reasons on why they must do it.

Hierachy is a universal truth. It is as real as the relationship between cells and a body which is made up of cells. Word such as “mismanagement” for example, is a big word. It consists of various aspects of wrong doings. It could means seriousness such as corruption, collusion, or it could means triviality such as the stuffs are not using recycle papers. But somehow, when one use the word “mismanagement”, the perception of issues are a little relieved. The hierarchy pretext becomes a lie of word/s to the root truth.

Liken to the body and cells. When one says he is not feeling well, you may think it is a matter of a few tablets of penadol. But who knows, it might be due to the cancer cells in the body which is fatal.

Of course to say the body is not feeling well is true. I could only hope the root problem is not ignored with the coating of “mismanagement”. To me, the phrase sounds like " the piece of cake is a little too creamy" .

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Monday, September 10, 2007

studio LDA -- About partnership

When A and B work together , it is not about the sum of the two. It is about something else. There should be a C, different in quantity and quality.

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studio LDA - About beauty and meaning

The longing for beauty is essentially like greed, there is no end to it. So I decided it is more important for me to search for the meaning of design, and let others decide if it is beautiful.

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