Saturday, April 12, 2008

studio lda - Would i be sold ? ( chinese )

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a little competition is always good

Woke at 6:30am, feeling bored, I switched a CD player on for a little soft music and rest on a chair by the living room's window. Soon after the music played, I heard birds chirping on the tree next to the window. The chirping was so beautiful my listening was switched to focus on the birds rather than the player. My wife said everytime she on the player, the birds would chirp along as if they are competing with the cd player. Yes, a little competition always makes life better.

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architecture aesthetics and architecture

The problem with a lot of architecture (presentation?) is that people focus mostly on aesthetics. And architecture aesthetics is a bit like fashion dressing- no matter how a person looked in his or her dress, the real content is not known until you come to term with the person. Better still, live with the person, and you will come to know the content in real.

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