Saturday, August 05, 2006

PEPS - public education programmes

Public Education Programme

Forthcoming: In month Sept we shall be starting with our PEPS ( Public Education Programme) :-

PEP 1- SAY WHAT YOU WANT Have you any problem on speaking out your opinions of a painting in an art gallery? Worry about your opinion not educated enough? Silly? Just don't have the gut? ...What ever reasons it may be.. You now have a chance to do so in our web gallery. We will be introducing a free comment section for our virtual gallery. Say what you want, in any name. After all,that's the spirit of art.

PEP 2 - SLIDE VIEWING-WHAT"S ART?We will be organising a slides viewing session: What is art ? For the local community.Venue and time shall be confirmed in Sept.Opened to all.

look from studio LDA

"Alright, alright" is not alright !

Mushi-mushi and a bit of historical snapshots

Check out the AV download at miscellaneous or direct to page.

An opinion about Japan prime minister visit to war shrine.

You just have to respect mistakes, however ridiculous they are. So you can learn from it and don’t let it happen again. “Alright, alright .” is just not alright.
“Mushi-mushi” in Cantonese (You could hear the words sound again and again in the song.) which literally means “nothing has happened”, when read in the syntax of Japanese, means “Hello, hello”. Cynical ?

“Beyond”, a former Hong Kong rock band, was once my favourite. Their popularity declined after the death of lead singer, Wang Jia Chi. Jia Chi was indeed talented and a main player, but it doesn’t mean the other team members: Jia Chiang, Guan Jung, Se Ruong, are not as good. In fact the subsequent productions from the band were much more explorative, creative and imagery in approach. I have clipped a little bit of one of the songs compiled in the album “Surprise” produced in year 1997, titled “Alright, alright”, read “Mushi-mushi” in Cantonese. Every bit of the song conjures images of what I saw in a powerful documentary below. I hope you enjoy it.

The movie clipped from “A faithful record of world war two” is a rare historical documentary. It makes a comprehensive review on significant events of the Second World War in 12 cds . It’s a solid educational yet entertaining 24 hours programme produced by World Star AV Int’l Co. (H.K) distributed by MTV production (Mal) S/B.
The album “Surprise” was produced by Rock Records Co. Ltd

by look

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

studio LDA - 炸东京 - Bombing Tokyo and others


(一)炸东京 Bombing Tokyo

(二)鸡“温”牛“呵” ──粤语 chicken earning cow spending
“Surat.” 章叔放下手中的虾米,赶忙上前收信。信上贴有英女王侧影的邮票。

(三)湿材 Wet wood
我赶紧开铁门让她进来,Bobby 还是不停地朝她吠叫着。

Words and pic by Tan Sook Yin