Monday, June 18, 2007

studio LDA - catching the sun

today, based on chinese calender, is a day we commemorate a patriotic chinese poet.

catching the sun - education

closing the thumb and index finger
lightly held within
a glorious little fire ball
that almost made him sneeze

“hey, what the heck are you doing?”
knocked off by a scream
and among the scorn sinister laughter
life and a poet
died together

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“A, 搞甚麽的?”

Friday, June 01, 2007

studio LDA - Toilet Judgement

Judge a society by the quality of general public toilets ?
Have you noticed? You probably have if you have traveled a fair bit.

You may not be able to judge a book by its cover, but you can certainly judge a society by the general quality of public toilets. Somehow, these toilets reflect the success/failure of a government on almost every aspect of life. Economy, policy, education…..etc. and of course, the general quality of people.

Judgement Day

Judgement Day

On 31stMay 2007, the New Straits Times head line in contrasting black white “judgment day”. The report content: A Malaysian Lina Joy lost her battle to have her religious status adjudicated by the country’s civil law. So Lina has failed. So in the eye of Malaysian Law as it is now, Lina is still a Muslim.

The majority judgment : “The determination of whether a person has renounced Islam is within the realm of Islamic Law and the right authority is thus the syariah court. Hence NRD’s reluctance to react until it received certification from an Islamic authority was logical..”

While the judgment was made on 30/5/07, today, judgment is made by the people of Malaysia and the world, on how Malaysia Law fairs. Today, is the judgment day of Malaysia Law.

A bit about the power of perspective

A bit about the power of perspective

When we draw, we always set things at an angle, often without knowing the power of this angle setting.

On a very same object, you look it up, you look it down, you have two very different perspectives. In this case you may be the painter, you may be the passive viewer, and you can also be a viewer that picks the clues from what you see and try to understand the object from other different angles.

Such is art, such is life.

studio LDA - A little thought about corruption, evolution and art.

A little thought about corruption, evolution and art.

I know neither biology nor politics. But I think the Darwin’s idea of natural selection applies here:

1. In a dominantly corruptive system (say a society), a clean entity is naturally discriminated, and it dies a slow death, while the corrupted ones would prosper.
2. The corrupted system will go on prosper in its own way until it can take corruption no longer. It then destroys itself.
3. Then come the opportunity for the clean entities to emerge.
4. These clean entities would then subject themselves to the lure of power, money until it gets to point 1 above. And the process recycles.

Somehow, I feel arts offer the only solution to this vicious cycle. Because..

Art is for truth, kindness and beauty.