Tuesday, December 18, 2007

little things in life

We always go big thinking that it will make us happy. But in fact, it is the little thing in life that make us happy. Say a paper and a cup of coffee in the morning. It never fail on me.

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Living for an idea.

Some people die for an idea. I am not going to ask for this much, but at the least, we should live for an idea. Shouldn't we ?

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

studio LDA- introducing a book " words & images"

Introducing the book “ words & images “ by Ng Buan Cher.

She , the author, was the head of fine art department at MIA.

I haven’t met the artist. All that I know of her work is only through a book titled “words and images” that I came across in a friend’s studio. If you have a chance please read it up. Its easy reading and I find in inspiring. Just to quote the artist..” ..in the way we see the world, we see ourself.”

I share with you some of the images scaned from the book.

Today's song - Of sky - 75x55cm

Today's song - Of bridge, 1986 - 75x55cm

Today's song - Of rain, 1986 - 75x55cm

Today's song - Of reality, 1986 - 104x76cm

Sky, bridge, rain, reality.....to me...the sky today ever less blue, bridge today ever more broken, rain ? even bloodier, and reality, evn more defaced. I don't know whetherb if Ng is an artist or a forune teller of the world anymore.-- look fr studio LDA

studio LDA - Taller

Nobody ever remember
We are part of the stars
So we try to be taller
Nobody is taller than anybody
Nobody is ever taller than cow grass

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You are part of me and I am part of you

“You are part of me and I am part of you”.

You might think it is a romantic line from a love story script. The fact is, it is a scientific truth. And it is a line true to almost anything, “dead” or “living“, around you.

When I last watch a movie titled “The fountain”, about three characters’ common search for eternal life. I was shocked and at the same time disappointed by the ending of Tomas, one of the characters; having drunk the sap of tree of life, turned into plants. It’s no different from a scene that I long ago seen in Manga, and it is contradictory to the medics saying about somebody turning vegt. But one thing I did enjoyed though was the movie tinged my mind on a subject long buried; meaning of eternal life.

I do in certain sense believe that everybody will physically live forever in chemical term. Just like the universal concept about energy will not perish into nothingness. The death of one thing marks only the beginning of some other energy forms. A dead body will perished into soil; feed the plants and small living organisms, which in turn feed the larger living forms. As the process goes in cycles, and the chemical presences can be transferred in solid, liquid or gaseous state, you, and me can therefore be part of running water, cloud, any thing you imagine to be.

Thinking beyond a poem from an ancient Chinese poet Chow Tze Jien’s poem, that he composed while his brother Chow Je, the Wei kingdom emperor, was trying to find an excuse to kill him; “.. it was originally from the same root, why such a hush and rush. (for the branches to burn itself to cook the beans, of which the beans and branches used to grow on a same tree) “.

Think what human are now doing to the earth and to each other. I believe we are the silliest living things on earth. No wonder Adam was banished from Garden of Eden. Now I know, it was we who had banished ourselves. For one simple reason, when we cannot recognise the materiality, how can we ever recognise our own soul.

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Sunday, November 04, 2007

material dissolves into sense

In a micro world, material dissolves into sense.
Because of the immaterial presence, it is sometimes known as god.

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design is always bigger than the designer

For a really great designer, the design is always bigger than the designer.

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

studio LDA - about Japan prime minister visit to war shrine.

An opinion about Japan prime minister visit to war shrine.
"Mushi-mushi and bits of historical snapshots" You just have to respect mistakes, however ridiculous they are. So you can learn from it and don’t let it happen again. “Alright, alright .” is just not alright.

“Mushi-mushi” in Cantonese (You could hear the words sound again and again in the song.) which literally means “nothing has happened”, when read in the syntax of Japanese, means “Hello, hello”. Cynical?

check this video clip

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

studio LDA - ( architecture ?) movement within a market

The video clip is a short sketchy (rather raw) exercise by studio LDA years ago to study/design movement within a then abandoned market/a factory building.(Existed in grid columns form with industry roof).We have in this case assumed the architecture without any form.(As such we said that the architecture is dead). All that we concerned then was the designed flow sequences, and the "quantum leap travel" that broke the designed flow sequences.

Click to see the video clip.Enjoy.

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studio LDA - 中秋节趣事记-Mid autumn festival night

今天中秋夜晚,爸妈都外出了与弟弟子杰,妹妹素菁他们吃晚餐。我和太太、女儿晚餐后闲着没事,太太在客厅里看电视,我与晓宜在户外把一小技一小技的蜡烛点起排好在大门铁栏杆上,甚是美丽。四岁女儿看到邻居在吃月饼,便自个儿走回屋内找妈妈。 “妈咪,我们俄了,可以给我们一个碟子放饼干和两杯水吗?一杯给爸爸,一杯给晓宜。”我听了很感动。

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Mid autumn festival night

Mid autumn festival night, mum and dad had gone out to dine in KL with Kiet and Soo Ching. Only my wife and my two daughters were at home. Having had dinner, Sook Yin was watching tv in the house with Xiao Lin, our one year old daughter sleeping on the living room sofa. While Xiao Yi and me were out at the front gate, lighting candles display on the main gate. The gate with all these little colorful lit up candles was beautiful.

Xiao Yi saw our neighbours were doing the same, except that they had also food and drinks. So she went into the house and asked, “ Mummy, we are hungry. Can you get us a plate with some biscuits, and two cups of water. One for daddy and one for Xiao Yi.”. I was very touched by her concern of me.

Although there were only two of us enjoying the moon lit night, we placed a few more chairs around so the place wasn’t so empty, and we felt more comfortable that way. We use the empty chairs as table for our food and drinks too. Taking a sip of drinks, I laid down, stretched, and let my head rest on the backing piece of the arm chair. And I asked,” Do you ‘sayang’ papa ?”, Xiao Yi climbed down the chair that was taller than her, and came to my back. She brushed my head with her hands and said innocently, “ Xiao Yi ‘sayang’ your head.”. I thought that was funny as it’s how the Cantonese phrase a scolding word; attaching a verb with “your head”.

studio LDA - 中秋是甚麽?(月亮忘记了)

打从哪里开始呢?就说月亮吧! 正确的该说是圆月,更简单的也许说圆的故事吧。

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Honesty is such a big problem

Honesty is such a big problem.

Look at the news papers and check the problems in Chinese made product in world market, and judge yourself. It is a shame that honesty is such a big problem in the land of Confucianism. I don’t mean to be sarcastic. And when I criticize, I too feel the pain for the land where my grandfather and my father came from.

China is going through the period similar to the post world war 2 “Japanese Clock Era” – a time when produce of Japan was known to be of inferior quality. When everything that doesn’t work in life was liken to this phrase “Japanese Clock”. However, it was a transitional period necessary to lead to what you see as Japan today. The only difference between the Chinese and the Japanese development is that the Chinese is doing it a lot faster; so fast it worries the super powers of her rising effects in the world economy, politics, trade balance, etc. China is changing fast for one simple reason; her technical capability is far more advanced than what she is generally now producing. As long as you pay, she can do anything, including sending you to the moon. Then during the Japanese Clock Era, Japan’s general development was moving simultaneously with the development of technology.

Corporations are training people on management skill, quality control, planning strategy…but all these work within the simplest principle known to be the core value of Chinese culture, honesty, now little emphasized in the country. People are just too feverishly chasing after material gain that they long lost, but opened now suddenly to them. This was not found in the Japanese development. The Japanese goods were inferior though, but the produce was honest. It was not meant to cheat.

This situation must be dealt with not through just management and quality control. The problem is rooted in the social attitude. Should the problem not be solved, the Chinese prosperity you see now is still going to live, but not for long.

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Monday, September 17, 2007

studio LDA - Child Talk 1

My daughter said "I love birds, but they are scared of me."

I find it interesting. What think you ?

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hierachical pretext - a true word can lie

Somebody described it as mismanagement - a mismanagement of fund. It can be described to be as petty as you can. i.e A piece of 30 cents karipap purchased at the price of 3 ringgit of course can be explained. Maybe it came from Hilton Hotel’s kitchen, maybe it is organic, maybe it is … The explanation would get to different levels (hierarchy) of details that justify the misdeed. Even a thief and a robber have reasons on why they must do it.

Hierachy is a universal truth. It is as real as the relationship between cells and a body which is made up of cells. Word such as “mismanagement” for example, is a big word. It consists of various aspects of wrong doings. It could means seriousness such as corruption, collusion, or it could means triviality such as the stuffs are not using recycle papers. But somehow, when one use the word “mismanagement”, the perception of issues are a little relieved. The hierarchy pretext becomes a lie of word/s to the root truth.

Liken to the body and cells. When one says he is not feeling well, you may think it is a matter of a few tablets of penadol. But who knows, it might be due to the cancer cells in the body which is fatal.

Of course to say the body is not feeling well is true. I could only hope the root problem is not ignored with the coating of “mismanagement”. To me, the phrase sounds like " the piece of cake is a little too creamy" .

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Monday, September 10, 2007

studio LDA -- About partnership

When A and B work together , it is not about the sum of the two. It is about something else. There should be a C, different in quantity and quality.

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studio LDA - About beauty and meaning

The longing for beauty is essentially like greed, there is no end to it. So I decided it is more important for me to search for the meaning of design, and let others decide if it is beautiful.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

studio LDA - things on lips

things hang often on lips, have little space at heart.

studio LDA - balance

balance is not just a matter of how much

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studio LDA - enough

good design works on adequacy
so, do you know how much is enough

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studio LDA - chase

that all is worldly
none know of your heart

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studio LDA - V can stand for victory

V can stand for victory

dress up the symptons
cover the truth
when it becomes a DNA
when it becomes incurable
when rectification means death
when corruption could only continue
are v

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Monday, August 13, 2007

studio LDA - group in a penisular

Group in a peninsular

Far at the other end of the umbilical cord
There is no 7% house buying discount
Are always green or brown
Life is a mere function of existence
Decorated by karaoke, delicacies, travels, in a seemingly ok fashion
Dignity is locked in a safe box
But the content and the box has long been sold
Despite scorching heat all year round
Everybody sweeps snow at the front of their own door steps
More diligent then they normally do
During annual Ching Ming ancestor tomes cleaning session
Perhaps one day
They will realize
There is no difference
Between the two

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vertical can be horizontal

Vertical can be horizontal ( right can be wrong and vice versa) as there is no rules

Politics-------------a gentle raping
House--------------is making money
Go------------------if you only dare
Even to hell-------miss not a chance to cash in

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studio LDA - untitled


June 30th morning
The Dato (grandpa) coaxed us all
I am amazed all are as innocent as his grand children
That afternoon nap
I dreamt of a black striped red worm
Wriggling on a thick fat book
It fell on the floor and turned a centipede
And then morphed into a scorpion
Shocked awaked from the nap
I then realized it wasn’t a dream

Thursday, July 05, 2007

for skin and black widow

for skin and black widow

for a rosier skin
the soul is sucked dry
but the urge to have a black widow ride on you
never stop
“give- me- more”

我要 我要

studio LDA - dream


While we are numbed by dollar signs
To a universal definition of practicality
Still have dreams

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studio LDA - untitles


Thousands of words from bible
Millions of acts from the court of laws
Do not match
A straight conscience from a heart

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ship of 25 million

ship of 25 million

ship of 25 million
goanna hit rock
the captain ?
already sunk
in the sweet beautiful bubbles
promises ?
can you not see ?
there they are in the sweet bubbles too

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studio LDA - straight or curve of profession

straight or curve of profession

straight…. curve……..
nope, nope, nope.
all wrong
it’s the tall one
with a little curve in the middle
ok, ok, ok,
it’s the bank book account
at the end
it was supposed to be straight
its now a big blob of massive dirty black

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直的弯的 专业


studio LDA - simple solution to most problems in life

Simple solution to most problems in life.

This morning while I was driving to work, the radio station reported the forthcoming completion of “Smart” drain by end august, which claimed to be a solution that will solve the KL’s flood problem.

During lunch, just two shop lots away from my office, I saw through a metal grill drain cover, a drain deposited with so much rubbish it choked and blocked the water flow. I am sure there are many more of the same blockages in KL.

Sometime, you don’t need grand solution to a simple problem. I am sure as long as these smaller network blockages are not cleared and maintained, build another “Smart” drain, KL will still flood.

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studio LDA - seeing life beyond a Milo can

Seeing life beyond the content of our own Milo can

An ordinary rubber taper cum housewife, hard working, thrifty just like many other Malaysian Chinese, got back one day from her morning work, discovered all her years of saving in the Milo can was stolen! She was so sad and upset that she had a stroke immediately, and has since for 20 years been lying on bed.

This is sadly, a true story. This sad auntie is staying in my town looked after by her husband.

I know it’s not worth it. It might be just the few thousands. Even for a million or billions, would you ever do it in exchange for 20 years in bed?

If only the auntie was a little less concerned on her belongings, it would have been a different story. But this is life; it takes a lot more wisdom than you think.

It’s not easy to see life beyond the content of our own Milo cans.

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Monday, June 18, 2007

studio LDA - catching the sun

today, based on chinese calender, is a day we commemorate a patriotic chinese poet.

catching the sun - education

closing the thumb and index finger
lightly held within
a glorious little fire ball
that almost made him sneeze

“hey, what the heck are you doing?”
knocked off by a scream
and among the scorn sinister laughter
life and a poet
died together

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“A, 搞甚麽的?”

Friday, June 01, 2007

studio LDA - Toilet Judgement

Judge a society by the quality of general public toilets ?
Have you noticed? You probably have if you have traveled a fair bit.

You may not be able to judge a book by its cover, but you can certainly judge a society by the general quality of public toilets. Somehow, these toilets reflect the success/failure of a government on almost every aspect of life. Economy, policy, education…..etc. and of course, the general quality of people.

Judgement Day

Judgement Day

On 31stMay 2007, the New Straits Times head line in contrasting black white “judgment day”. The report content: A Malaysian Lina Joy lost her battle to have her religious status adjudicated by the country’s civil law. So Lina has failed. So in the eye of Malaysian Law as it is now, Lina is still a Muslim.

The majority judgment : “The determination of whether a person has renounced Islam is within the realm of Islamic Law and the right authority is thus the syariah court. Hence NRD’s reluctance to react until it received certification from an Islamic authority was logical..”

While the judgment was made on 30/5/07, today, judgment is made by the people of Malaysia and the world, on how Malaysia Law fairs. Today, is the judgment day of Malaysia Law.

A bit about the power of perspective

A bit about the power of perspective

When we draw, we always set things at an angle, often without knowing the power of this angle setting.

On a very same object, you look it up, you look it down, you have two very different perspectives. In this case you may be the painter, you may be the passive viewer, and you can also be a viewer that picks the clues from what you see and try to understand the object from other different angles.

Such is art, such is life.

studio LDA - A little thought about corruption, evolution and art.

A little thought about corruption, evolution and art.

I know neither biology nor politics. But I think the Darwin’s idea of natural selection applies here:

1. In a dominantly corruptive system (say a society), a clean entity is naturally discriminated, and it dies a slow death, while the corrupted ones would prosper.
2. The corrupted system will go on prosper in its own way until it can take corruption no longer. It then destroys itself.
3. Then come the opportunity for the clean entities to emerge.
4. These clean entities would then subject themselves to the lure of power, money until it gets to point 1 above. And the process recycles.

Somehow, I feel arts offer the only solution to this vicious cycle. Because..

Art is for truth, kindness and beauty.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Drawings by Xiao Yi ( going 4 by August 07)

From a child's imagination...

A multi ears monster

House on red land

Flight under the sun

Cap on sleeping cat

Big carrot

A house

Sunday, April 01, 2007

studio LDA - I own the world

When I hold the little hand in mine, I feel like I own the whole world.

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studio LDA - hand, authority and sky

authority provides the scope for cover. (of sky)

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studio LDA - shake hand

Shake hands. How many colour combination would you suggest ?

black and white, yellow and brown, balck and brown,....

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studio LDA - about sharing

Last week when I saw the ripen papaya being eaten by a bird, I said I would trap these birds, but then my daughter said “Can we not share, we have so many! “.

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studio LDA - daddy would take care of the big bad wolf

My daughter would lay all pillows at her head and feet before going to sleep(the bed is set by the wall),then she would say " daddy guard me from the big bad wolf coming from the front.

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

studio LDA - check out the Yogyakarta slide show

Goto studio LDA homepage to see the slide show.

Have glimpse of the Barabudur; a UNESCO heritage preservation site.

Check the Grand Mecure Hotel at Yogya. Its like a little museum; a conserevation scheme.

The downloading may take a while if you are not using broadband.

studio LDA - To enjoy can be different from to experience

To enjoy can be different from to experience – A short trip to Yogyakarta
Is there a difference between the two? This trip to Yogyakarta made me think of the differences.
My mum had been nagging me about the trip; that it would be a waste as there is nothing to enjoy. There is nothing to see, to eat, to enjoy. In a way my 3 years old daughter proved her right. As when I asked about what are the memorable things about the trip. She said hotel swimming pool, ice-cream and TV in the bed room, which she had long requested to be installed in our house, but she got a big nope from me.

You might disagree with them just like my self. But I do think both of them are entitled to their opinions. Why? My mum had gone through all these years of hardship since the Japanese occupation years in Malaya to economic crisis in recent years in Malaysia? Theses experiences of her life are by far more real then any trip to any where in the form of a few days travel. As for my 3 years old daughter, she knows only graphically how scary it was for snow white to be lost in the dark forest. What should we expect from her?

As for me and my wife, carrying the 3 years old up the Barabudur was but a little catalyst of the life experience. Its no where near the “becak- tricycle” driver who carried us in the front seats for a whole day, under the scorching sun and steaming rain, for a meager RM24. I think this Java tour is about enriching experience and perspective of life. That is different from sipping a glass of cold rich ice cold Javanese coffee, and reading about Java from a coffee table book.

Check out the power point slides of our tour. Hope you would be there too to experience the Javanese coffee yourself.

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studio LDA - I am the shadow

Under glorious lime light, its easy to mistaken the big shadow to be your real size.

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studio LDA To enjoy can be different from to experience

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

studio LDA - Yogya trip-Jalan Maliaboro 的市场

位于Jalan Maliboro中一个不知什么名的市场,我们经历了以下几段有趣的事:

我们在离开时,再次经过这摊位时,摆摊的小姑娘认得我们并轻叫道:“Di mana kuda adik tertinggal?”(小妹妹,你的马留在哪啦?)上了三轮车后,我有点后愧没给女儿买下那只小铜马。


在离开市场前,我们到卖香料的档口看一看,虽只剩一档口正开着。但小小的香料档,摆卖的香料可说是琳琅满目。我想买几根桂皮(kayu manis)作花盆的点缀。于是就选了4、5根,给姑娘称称付钱。她看了看,愣一楞,然后笑一笑着说:“sekilo sepuluh ribu.”(RM4) 于是她从窄窄的档位走出来亲自帮我选了一公斤,包好给我。我心想若在大城市,我们早就成大水鱼。落后的日惹,我们所见到的人民大都衣衫简朴,居住空间简陋窄小,他们待人诚实是我们在目前的城市中是难能可贵的。

fr look and sook yin of studio LDA

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

studio LDA - lesser and lesser trust on the experts

I am very tired. There have been so many project rushes before Chinese New Year holidays. I feel my sense of responsibility is being exploited.( Maybe it's me who torture myself, maybe..) .

But that's not the worst. I have just found out somebody uses my webpage name on Alexa search engine, but put his web address in it. So when you search studio LDA, there is this web address that has got nothing to do with studio LDA appaering on the search result. I think it explained the sudden drop of visit to my site last month.

I am dissapointed...I am tired. I am begining to trust the professionals, the experts, lesser and lesser.

Not quite a good start to approach Chinese New Year. Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year to you all.

look fr studio LDA

PS.On label for this post: This is definately not art. But I am sure this is part of life.

Monday, February 05, 2007

studio LDA - 蟲 結 (insect work)

蟲 結
蟲 是 我 心 中 的 “ 恨”。昨日刚打扫干净的窗沿、走廊、橱架等地,今日又见其踪迹或尸首。最为可恶是正当打理草圃时,“煞惊无神”的扑到自己的身上,被吓得跌坐下来。

Sook Yin fr studio LDA

Sunday, February 04, 2007

studio LDA - A few words from Cezanne’s letter to his mum

A few words from Cezanne’s letter to his mum

To share with all those who chase for the rainbow.
“ ..I must not try to finish anything except for the pleasure to make it truer and wiser… “

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studio LDA - After all, life is so short.

After all, life is so short.
I have been so busy with office works.
Yesterday, a junior colleague came and told me “You made me think that I should quit architecture .After all, life is so short.”

He probably meant a joke.

But my god! What have I done to myself! What have I done to him!

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studio LDA - Need a little coaxing

Need a little coaxing

Need a little coaxing. It’s always the case.

My little young girl though knows subconsciously what is better for her, takes a bit of coaxing and discipline from me and my wife to get on with things in life. It’s easy to hook on to bad habits and bad taste as they don’t require much from a person other then submission and indulgence.

We as parents should do our parts instead of giving just the sweets to quiet the kids (We often give the sweets so that we can do our own things, aren’t we?)

And so must the government.

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studio LDA - Priority on life, then design, then art.

Priority on life, then design, then art.

Priority of my life is always life itself, then design and then art. That's my sequence. Maybe because I am a designer and I believe that we have to think first before we feel for life. I must admit I am the”I think therefore I am” type. You might argue otherwise, maybe you are the “I think therefore I am not “ type. Why not?

But surely you agree life itself is priority.

look fr studio LDA for life, design and art.

studio LDA - Can you not go to war? I don’t want to be without daddy and mummy.

See more original images from ppoopp.host.sk/war/index.htm

Can you not go to war? I don’t want to be without daddy and mummy.

I was listening to light music last evening, my four years old daughter asked what music was that when the recorder played “kid without home”. I was in the mood and make up a simple story about a kid having lost her parents in a war. She kept asking why through out the story telling session, then remained unusually quiet over the evening. Till time for bed, she asked “Can you not go to war? I don’t want to be without daddy and mummy.”
I was caught a little surprised and very touched. Such is the simple and pure heart of a kid.

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studio LDA - looking through life -she reminded me of Chilida

She reminded me of Chilida.

I observed my little baby girl playing with my fingers. She was trying to learn about her own fingers while she was learning mine!

She reminded me of Chilida.

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

studio LDA - love and jelousy

A grandpa and two grand daughters snap with a handphone camera.

Sook Yin fr LDA

studio LDA - a story by the road side

I took these photos by the road side with my handphone. Hope you like the story.

Sook Yin fr LDA

studio LDA - looking through life - centre of the universe

Pitiful human always assume he is the centre of universe and all things revolve around him.

studio LDA - looking through life - life is like eating apple

Life is like eating apple:
Some love to be fed with chewed apple,
Some buy for themselves,
Some have to grow their own,
Sometimes you have no choice,
its not a matter of you love it or not.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

studio LDA - looking through life - love yourself

We spend so much time on things we love, yet so little time on ourselves.

studio LDA - looking through life - mad rush

It is a mad rush, even to enjoy life.

studio LDA - Nature and design

While architect tries to defy gravity, building is still very much part of earth. When the earth fails, the foundation fails, and the building follows.

While architect tries to defy nature, we are still very much part of nature. When environment around us fails, we will soon fail; for our senses and even our breathing, are connected to it.

studio LDA - looking through life - touch and be touched

I have since the beginning of this web site www.studiolda.com ( lda blog is part of the homepage extended work.) , put up quite a few postings on “ what is art ?” It never strikes me then I should also relate the question with “what is life?” Simply, art is about life.

Life is …
Touch others and be touch.
For that, I need to be still, focus and feel.

studio LDA - looking through life - I have done my job

I have done my job.