Thursday, August 16, 2007

studio LDA - things on lips

things hang often on lips, have little space at heart.

studio LDA - balance

balance is not just a matter of how much

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studio LDA - enough

good design works on adequacy
so, do you know how much is enough

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studio LDA - chase

that all is worldly
none know of your heart

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studio LDA - V can stand for victory

V can stand for victory

dress up the symptons
cover the truth
when it becomes a DNA
when it becomes incurable
when rectification means death
when corruption could only continue
are v

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Monday, August 13, 2007

studio LDA - group in a penisular

Group in a peninsular

Far at the other end of the umbilical cord
There is no 7% house buying discount
Are always green or brown
Life is a mere function of existence
Decorated by karaoke, delicacies, travels, in a seemingly ok fashion
Dignity is locked in a safe box
But the content and the box has long been sold
Despite scorching heat all year round
Everybody sweeps snow at the front of their own door steps
More diligent then they normally do
During annual Ching Ming ancestor tomes cleaning session
Perhaps one day
They will realize
There is no difference
Between the two

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vertical can be horizontal

Vertical can be horizontal ( right can be wrong and vice versa) as there is no rules

Politics-------------a gentle raping
House--------------is making money
Go------------------if you only dare
Even to hell-------miss not a chance to cash in

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studio LDA - untitled


June 30th morning
The Dato (grandpa) coaxed us all
I am amazed all are as innocent as his grand children
That afternoon nap
I dreamt of a black striped red worm
Wriggling on a thick fat book
It fell on the floor and turned a centipede
And then morphed into a scorpion
Shocked awaked from the nap
I then realized it wasn’t a dream