Saturday, September 02, 2006

studio LDA - Write and share

Write and share.
I have a confession.
I have always been fearful of writing and I have succumbed to this fear for a long time. I write only very slowly and my writing is bad. But the urge to share my opinions and learning has grown much larger than my fear these days. And I decided if I could write sincerely, it’s still worth it if everybody else thinks my writing is rubbish. That’s how hard it is writing for me.

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studio LDA - Flying the national flag

Flying the national flag
Come 31st August 06, “Merdeka”, the Malaysia independent day. A minister reported to have accused the public of not raising the flag for the month of celebration.

Well, I think if the deed is not out of appreciation from the heart, it really make no sense flying the flag.

However, as the minister is so sensitive, he might have already begun to ask himself why. This might be a good gauge for the current pool of votes going to the ruling party. Maybe it got to do with the oil price, the inflation, unemployment… I don’t know.

I think most people kind of mixed up between the concept of country and government. Most, I believe would not have any problem loving this land, the people, the culture, even though they may not agree with the government. As a matter of fact, the more you love this country, probably the more demanding you would be out of the government.

Just to let the whole world know, I love you, Malaysia.

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studio LDA - a crooked bridge

A crooked bridge.

A group of friends happened to talk about the much disputed new causeway bridge connecting Malaysia with Singapore. There were some interesting opinions raised about this bridge. They said if the curve bridge is built;
1. It would be a permanent symbol of disagreement between the two countries.
2. It would be a neat sculpture symbolising the contorted politics.
What do you think?

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studio LDA - living a life

Living a life
We all work so that we can live a life. But you are only given 1 day off every 20 working days, I guess there is very little life out of this living. Unless you love this job so much. Really, live a life, my friend.

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studio LDA - Two short stories about a can of coke

The original script is contained in the coke can.

Two short stories about a can of coke

The first is a memory snapped off a movie I watched long ago: “Not one less” by Zhang Yi Mou. The scene of the can of coke was but a side event. Shot of a group of students and a rather unqualified, made good temporary teacher hesitated if to buy two cans of coke to be shared among ten to twenty students. They did. So everybody had a sip of it. That had in turn reduced the fund they were trying to pool as bus fare for the teacher to go down town to look for a student, whom had been sent by his father to work in a factory, illegally, as he was underage.

The second is a scene of which I have part witness at my father’s provision shop on 19/8/06. My young cousin aged 13 lend a Game-boy machine worth about RM500 , which don’t belong to him, to his friend. His mum urged him not to do it. In frustration of my auntie’s nagging, he conveniently took a can of coke and threw it on his mum, just as convenient as he took this drink whenever he wanted, usually during breakfast at my father’s shop. My auntie later relayed the story to me and my wife. Her eyes were red, almost with tears.

When she was gone, I noticed a dented can of coke on the front counter. I asked my mum if this was the can. “Yes” my mum said. I drank the can of warm coke, sharing it with my mum, and my three year old daughter. My daughter loved it. I didn’t ask my mum. But it taste horrible. I think maybe because it wasn’t chilled.

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New family members

New family members
Proudly present two new family members (puppies).
Milo and Vico with me and my daughter.

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