Saturday, November 24, 2007

studio LDA- introducing a book " words & images"

Introducing the book “ words & images “ by Ng Buan Cher.

She , the author, was the head of fine art department at MIA.

I haven’t met the artist. All that I know of her work is only through a book titled “words and images” that I came across in a friend’s studio. If you have a chance please read it up. Its easy reading and I find in inspiring. Just to quote the artist..” the way we see the world, we see ourself.”

I share with you some of the images scaned from the book.

Today's song - Of sky - 75x55cm

Today's song - Of bridge, 1986 - 75x55cm

Today's song - Of rain, 1986 - 75x55cm

Today's song - Of reality, 1986 - 104x76cm

Sky, bridge, rain, me...the sky today ever less blue, bridge today ever more broken, rain ? even bloodier, and reality, evn more defaced. I don't know whetherb if Ng is an artist or a forune teller of the world anymore.-- look fr studio LDA

studio LDA - Taller

Nobody ever remember
We are part of the stars
So we try to be taller
Nobody is taller than anybody
Nobody is ever taller than cow grass

Look fr studio LDA

You are part of me and I am part of you

“You are part of me and I am part of you”.

You might think it is a romantic line from a love story script. The fact is, it is a scientific truth. And it is a line true to almost anything, “dead” or “living“, around you.

When I last watch a movie titled “The fountain”, about three characters’ common search for eternal life. I was shocked and at the same time disappointed by the ending of Tomas, one of the characters; having drunk the sap of tree of life, turned into plants. It’s no different from a scene that I long ago seen in Manga, and it is contradictory to the medics saying about somebody turning vegt. But one thing I did enjoyed though was the movie tinged my mind on a subject long buried; meaning of eternal life.

I do in certain sense believe that everybody will physically live forever in chemical term. Just like the universal concept about energy will not perish into nothingness. The death of one thing marks only the beginning of some other energy forms. A dead body will perished into soil; feed the plants and small living organisms, which in turn feed the larger living forms. As the process goes in cycles, and the chemical presences can be transferred in solid, liquid or gaseous state, you, and me can therefore be part of running water, cloud, any thing you imagine to be.

Thinking beyond a poem from an ancient Chinese poet Chow Tze Jien’s poem, that he composed while his brother Chow Je, the Wei kingdom emperor, was trying to find an excuse to kill him; “.. it was originally from the same root, why such a hush and rush. (for the branches to burn itself to cook the beans, of which the beans and branches used to grow on a same tree) “.

Think what human are now doing to the earth and to each other. I believe we are the silliest living things on earth. No wonder Adam was banished from Garden of Eden. Now I know, it was we who had banished ourselves. For one simple reason, when we cannot recognise the materiality, how can we ever recognise our own soul.

look fr studio LDA

Sunday, November 04, 2007

material dissolves into sense

In a micro world, material dissolves into sense.
Because of the immaterial presence, it is sometimes known as god.

look from studio LDA

design is always bigger than the designer

For a really great designer, the design is always bigger than the designer.

look fr studio LDA