Tuesday, October 09, 2007

studio LDA - about Japan prime minister visit to war shrine.

An opinion about Japan prime minister visit to war shrine.
"Mushi-mushi and bits of historical snapshots" You just have to respect mistakes, however ridiculous they are. So you can learn from it and don’t let it happen again. “Alright, alright .” is just not alright.

“Mushi-mushi” in Cantonese (You could hear the words sound again and again in the song.) which literally means “nothing has happened”, when read in the syntax of Japanese, means “Hello, hello”. Cynical?

check this video clip

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

studio LDA - ( architecture ?) movement within a market

The video clip is a short sketchy (rather raw) exercise by studio LDA years ago to study/design movement within a then abandoned market/a factory building.(Existed in grid columns form with industry roof).We have in this case assumed the architecture without any form.(As such we said that the architecture is dead). All that we concerned then was the designed flow sequences, and the "quantum leap travel" that broke the designed flow sequences.

Click to see the video clip.Enjoy.

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studio LDA - 中秋节趣事记-Mid autumn festival night

今天中秋夜晚,爸妈都外出了与弟弟子杰,妹妹素菁他们吃晚餐。我和太太、女儿晚餐后闲着没事,太太在客厅里看电视,我与晓宜在户外把一小技一小技的蜡烛点起排好在大门铁栏杆上,甚是美丽。四岁女儿看到邻居在吃月饼,便自个儿走回屋内找妈妈。 “妈咪,我们俄了,可以给我们一个碟子放饼干和两杯水吗?一杯给爸爸,一杯给晓宜。”我听了很感动。

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Mid autumn festival night

Mid autumn festival night, mum and dad had gone out to dine in KL with Kiet and Soo Ching. Only my wife and my two daughters were at home. Having had dinner, Sook Yin was watching tv in the house with Xiao Lin, our one year old daughter sleeping on the living room sofa. While Xiao Yi and me were out at the front gate, lighting candles display on the main gate. The gate with all these little colorful lit up candles was beautiful.

Xiao Yi saw our neighbours were doing the same, except that they had also food and drinks. So she went into the house and asked, “ Mummy, we are hungry. Can you get us a plate with some biscuits, and two cups of water. One for daddy and one for Xiao Yi.”. I was very touched by her concern of me.

Although there were only two of us enjoying the moon lit night, we placed a few more chairs around so the place wasn’t so empty, and we felt more comfortable that way. We use the empty chairs as table for our food and drinks too. Taking a sip of drinks, I laid down, stretched, and let my head rest on the backing piece of the arm chair. And I asked,” Do you ‘sayang’ papa ?”, Xiao Yi climbed down the chair that was taller than her, and came to my back. She brushed my head with her hands and said innocently, “ Xiao Yi ‘sayang’ your head.”. I thought that was funny as it’s how the Cantonese phrase a scolding word; attaching a verb with “your head”.

studio LDA - 中秋是甚麽?(月亮忘记了)

打从哪里开始呢?就说月亮吧! 正确的该说是圆月,更简单的也许说圆的故事吧。

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