Monday, December 18, 2006

studio LDA - SRJK (Chinese) education fund

Can’t remember the date, but it was a few days ago when I read on a news paper reported that the ministry of education would be funding 96 SRJK (Chinese) schools a total sum of RM2 mil.

That means each of these schools would be getting an average of RM20,000 (twenty thousands ringgit).

I was disappointed and angry, because I read a few months ago; DBKL was building public toilets that cost a million ringgit each.

It made no sense to me on how government expenditure is planed.

It made no sense to me that I heard nothing from any Chinese community representative.

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Friday, December 15, 2006

studio LDA - looking through life - giving

Not able to give is a lot more painful than not able to get.
So is christmas ... such as life.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

studio LDA - looking through life - gap to bloom

Despite just a gap, would still bloom life to the fullest.
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studioLDA - I think I am an idiot !

That’s a common table conversation; who and who are so smart that they got away with the law and make so much out of it. Such praises would upset the social order, as a normal citizen would think he is an idiot to be an honest citizen.Unfortunately, such table conversation is quite common here in this part of the world.(Wonder if it happen else where?)

Maybe not the worst yet as people still make a point to make things seems right, while doing them illegally.

There will come a time when the urge to benefit from illegal deeds is so strong, even the gesture (seemingly right) would no longer be a concern. Who care, after all it’s now only a gesture.

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

studio LDA - Finally got it :/

Yes! I finally got it!

This is a bit of a joke. Though I hated it, I sincerely hope you like it(this joke). Have a laugh!

Just a few days ago, I noticed this piece of scrap on my desk. It’s a record of phone numbers of people that I was directed to call to get some kind of “standard” for design. So I was tossed around from the 1st number to the last on the list, and the last person on the list said he would call me later to clarify. So 2 days later I had to call back and there was no answer to my question/ request.

So I searched the web (badly designed pages, as the key words keep giving you pages posted by the authority but give no answer to you). Finally, found something, made payment for the purchase, card payment done. Now I can download the info I needed ! Guessed what? Missing link !

What’s next ? I e-mailed the authority. Quite a few days later, I got a pdf file of the info e-mailed to me. But it’s was a corrupted file that cannot be opened. I replied to ask for resend. 3 days later, got it. Now,I finally, truly, surely, got it.

studio LDA - what does art concerns?

What does art concerns?
As far as artists concern; red dots on the galleries’ exhibits.*
As far as the public concerns; is it entertaining?
As far as the government concerns; how grand is the opening ceremony.
So art is living in malnutrition.
Unlike starvation, it won’t die immediately.
It dies a slow death.

*the red dot stickers normally use to mark on reserved or sold items.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

studio LDA - looking through life - a cup of heart warming ice cubes

My wife was still carrying the 3 months old while I was trying to sit Xiao Yi for her breakfast. You know, it’s always a little hectic with the kids in a busy morning coffee shop. Then, a waiter came smiling and left a cup of ice cubes on the table, and quickly went to other customers.
“Did you order this?” I asked my wife.
“But I did say the chocolate is very hot!”
It’s strange. The heart warming thing is not the steamy hot chocolate. Instead, it’s a cup of cold, tasteless ice cubes.